Chapter 1: What is Economics

Chapter 1 Lesson 1 Scarcity and the Science of Economics PPT

Chapter 1 Lesson 2 Our Economic Choices PPT

Chapter 1 Lesson 3 Using Economic Models PPT

Chapter 1 Practice Test

Chapter 2: Economic Systems and Decision Making

Chapter 2 Lesson 1 Economic Systems PPT

Chapter 2 Lesson 2 Mixed Economy PPT

Chapter 2 Lesson 3 The Global Transition to Capitalism PPT

Chapter 2 Practice Test

Chapter 3: The American Free Enterprise System

Chapter 3 Lesson 1 American Free Enterprise Capitalism PPT

Chapter 3 Lesson 2 Roles and Respondsibilities in a Free Enterprise Economy PPT

Chapter 3 Lesson 3 Evaluating Economic Performance PPT

Chapter 3 Practice Test

Chapter 4: Demand

Chapter 4 Lesson 1 What is Demand PPT

Chapter 4 Lesson 2 Factors Affecting Demand PPT

Chapter 4 Lesson 3 Elasticity of Demand PPT

Chapter 4 Practice Test

Chapter 5: Supply

Chapter 5 Lesson 1 What is Supply PPT

Chapter 5 Lesson 2 The Theory of Production PPT

Chapter 5 Lesson 3 Cost Revenue and Profit Maximization PPT

Chapter 5 Practice Test

Chapter 10: Money and Banking

Chapter 10 Lesson 1 The Evolution, Functions, and Characteristics of Money PPT

Chapter 10 Lesson 2 The Development of Modern Banking PPT

Chapter 10 Lesson 3 Banking Today PPT

Chapter 10 Practice Test

Chapter 13: Economic Instability

Chapter 13 Lesson 1 Economic Instability PPT

Chapter 13 Lesson 2 Inflation PPT

Chapter 13 Lesson 3 Unemployment PPT

Powtoons Comic Project Rubric

Chapter 13 Practice Test

Chapter 18: Global Economic DevelopmentĀ 

Chapter 18 Lesson 1 Global Economic Development PPT

Chapter 18 Lesson 2 Globalization PPT

Chapter 18 Lesson 3 Global Problems and Economic Incentives PPT

Example of Student Political Cartoons

Renewable Energy Political Cartoons

Political Cartoon Assignment

Globalization Google Slide Project

Chapter 18 Practice Test

Chapter 19: Personal Financial Literacy

Chapter 19 Lesson 1 Financial Institutions and Your Money PPT

Chapter 19 Lesson 2 Business Organizations and your Money PPT

Chapter 19 Lesson 3 Personal Money Decisions PPT

Career Google Slide Project

Chapter 19 Practice Test

Shark Tank Final Project

Shark Tank Project Instructions

Shark Tank Project Brainstorm Board


Shark Tank Products

Investor Sheet for Presentations

Shark Tank Project Schedule